"Pol the Fisherman, which hails from Europe and Australia, prioritizes the effects of images. Not only on the performing stage, but also in most of New York City. The band’s 2014 album, Lady Lust, is like a raging love letter to the city, complete with visceral visuals. The lyrics contain fragments of the city, which includes vomit, drug binges, and not-so-pretty women.

Pol the Fisherman enlivens these images with their riffs, which ooze everything from sex and sleaze to angst and apathy."

- Pancakes and Whiskey

"Finally, a New York rock band that actually has the balls to pull it off!
The choruses are catchy, the guitar solos are intense, and their frontman can wail like the best of the punk gods. 

Pol the Fisherman's music is as rough and powerful as the city that created them. They are bringing Rock back to the Big Apple."

- Vision Now Productions