Birthed in the land of baguettes and berets, this now New York based rock quartet's eclectic sound has evolved from Pokemon on acid to a unique crash of musical personalities and influences that together form the band Pol the Fisherman.


Fronting the group is lead vocalist and guitarist Nicolas De Pontaud. Nico first formed the band in his native homeland of France where his unique sound quickly gained recognition and a following. French domination was not enough, so he set his sights on New York... He packed his guitar... And his fiery crotch rocket then sailed across the pond to the Empire City.


Enter guitarist and backing vocalist Andrew Moore:

Hailing from The Sunburnt Country, Andrew brought with him the 'resistance' to Nico's 'piece de la...'

Their guitar riffs and sounds complementing each other in a way that wine needs cheese... some might go as far as saying like Gin needs Tonic.


Together their songs melt jazzy undertones with funky rhythms and tough hooks. Quirky timings with aggressive guitar solos. All in all providing one hell of a sonic roller coaster.


Frontline complete, a short intermission and then all they needed was a backline! 


Whowouldathunkit, but apparently Italians can beat some skin! Get your mind out of the gutter...I'm talking drums! 

Andrea Belfiore, a Berklee trained percussionist, with an uncanny gift for making sik beats decides he's willing to take on the challenge of keeping everyone in time, he joins the band and hey presto Pol the Fisherman is almost complete! 


But Rock'n Roll needs balls...So BOOM! The incomparable Bill 'the Beast' Foster, the stand-alone American and an incredible multi-instrumentalist with a savant-like savagery for the bass guitar enters the foray! 

The Fast and the Furious should've been a franchise based on Bill's infallible finger finesse!


And there we have it! The line-up is complete!


Pol the Fisherman, having played extensively in the New York area decided they needed to record an album worthy of the blood, sweat and tears, so they agreed only the best would do for acquiring their new producer.

Lurking in the shadows, Enter J. Chris Griffin, a multi-faceted and brilliantly talented producer, Chris has worked on records with a number of today's biggest artists: Madonna, Kanye West, John Legend, Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson, John McLaughlin and of, Pol the Fisherman.


Their new album Lady Lust recorded in NYC's The Engine Room is the band's crowning achievement. The foundation for a long legacy. 

J Chris Griffin manages to capture each band member's personality and passion and the end result is a polished, heartfelt representation of their collective experiences. Both trials and tribulations as well as observations.

His new motto should read: slick and sexy!


POL THE FISHERMAN, whose urban style fuses funky grooves with high-energy hard rock and aggressive punk plays like a frenzied ode to downtown New York, with white-hot guitar leads and raw, street-smart vocals.  It's pure rock bliss forged in the fire of great old school influences, including: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, as well as New York punk, Detroit hard rock and early Grunge.





Alternative Rock



Hard Rock

Punk Rock





POL THE FISHERMAN was formed in Paris in 2009 and was an overnight success.  They were immediately invited to appear on the popular French national television show "Taratata," and followed up playing numerous gigs in France prior to relocating to New York in 2010.  They also appeared on "Paris Derniere," an underground show on Parisian nightlife (TV channel Paris Premiere), as well as on radio station Oui FM 102.3 and web radio station Click 'n' Rock.  The band's song, "A New Life," is now one of Click 'n' Rock's primary jingles.





- Nicolas de Pontaud: vocals, guitar

- Andrew Moore: guitar, vocals

- Andrea Belfiore: drums, percussion.

- Bill Foster: bass




Debut album : Pol le Pecheur - Greatest Hits (2010)

- Release: July 10, 2010

- Label: Estwime (FR)

- Formats: CD, Apple iTunes.


Pol le Pecheur - Greg' dead - EP

- Release: Nov , 2010

- Label: Estwime (FR)

- Formats: CD, Apple iTunes.


Pol the Fisherman - Dirt City Single

- Release: Jan, 2012

- Label: Estwime (FR)

- Formats: CD, Apple iTunes.


Album : Lady Lust (2014)

- Release: March 1st, 2014

- Formats: CD, Apple iTunes.



on Greatest Hits:


Pol the Fisherman - Vocals, Guitars.

Mathieu Crouzet - Bass

Vincent Rodriguez - Drums

Gregoire Vallette - Guitars

Greatest Hits was recorded at Midilive Studio by par Ivan Herceg

editing by Bertrand Lantz

Masterized by Raphael Jonin

Rock'n'Rolla feat. Ivan Herceg (Ac. Guitar)

Greg's Dead feat. Cyrille Maillard (Drums)

recorded, edited, mastered at studio 1, 2, Pass it.. by Laurent de Boisgisson